Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Attention Whores're pretty ugly

you know who you are... your a whore. but not just any whore, oh no, your special. you are an attention whore. real whores give out blowjobs and perform strange sex acts for pennies on the dollar. not you though... you have dignity. you have class. you ooze upscale. you are an attention whore.

usually attention whores are roughly aged 14 to 21. they tend to be somewhat attractive and have that bubbly personality that makes you want to beat them to death with their own arms. they always want to be a part of the conversation... scratch that, they want to BE the conversation. if it isnt about them, they arent interested. they pretend to be all over you and your friends. "look at me, dont i look beautiful?" these girls have a knack for finding the right people at the right time. like a guided missile they find the nearest, dumbest person that is willing to give them the time of day. most attention whores are like feral cats. you feed it and they are yours forever.

the last th
ing you need is an attention whore. like weeds in a garden they can suck the life out of you and your friends. but guess what.... thats all they are going to suck. yeah, thats right... they wouldnt know what to do with it if it hit them in the face. they are all cock teases. they wear scandalous outfits and do suggestive dancing... all in an attempt to get ATTENTION! they want it so bad they will practically do anything to get it. they would club the pope to death with a kitten if they knew it would get them some air time on the news. give me a break! most of them dont even realize that most of the guys hate them.

every once in a while you will find a special breed of attention whore. the UGLY attention whore. these chicks are fat and still want you to like them. whereas a regular whore oozes herpes... these bitches sweat gravy. you could literally s
neak up to them with a biscuit and wipe it on their arm for a well balanced brakfast. be careful though... if you see one of these whores and try to run away, they might use their tractor beam to pull you in. in another scenario, if you try to run by them in hopes that they dont see you... you might just go into orbit. you are helpless... you float through the space around their body until feedng time comes around. like being thrown into a Rancor pit, you will be ripped limb from limb. any escape attemt is usless and you should just slit your wrist and hope you bleed to death before she starts her feeding cycle.

to take out an attention whore you need a couple of things... a brick, a pole, and a small animal. first things first. using your pole, stab the animal in the head. dangle it in front of the attention whore... and when she goes for it, knock her fat ass out with the brick. now that she is stunned, lift up the folds under her chin and slit her throat. at this point you can hang her like a deer for cleaning and skinning at a later time. good luck..

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