Monday, October 01, 2012

Big Wangs

let me tell you how awesome big wangs is. this place makes buffalo wild wings look like the inbred hick flipper child of hometown buffet and burger king. their wings are amazing and huge compared to other similar restaurants. they give you your beverages in these giant 2 gallon cups so you never have flag down a waitress (ill get to them in a second) for more sweet nectar of life. your lips will be on fire when those spicy ass wings hit you like chris brown. 

the waitresses are amazing, both in looks and skill. my waitress (Marissa... you can tell which one she is because shes the cutest) asked if it was my first time and i said yes. she then proceeded to explain the menu and the specials to me.  i got hooked up with what can only be described as the meat of some mythical delicious creature. i wept at the fact that i knew in just a few short minutes i will have consumed all my food. i almost didnt eat the last wing so i could stay longer and enjoy the company of my fabulous waitress (Marissa... shes the cute one, remember?)

Go here... eat food... get drinks... watch a game. This place is AMAZING.

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