Monday, October 01, 2012

Olive Garden

everyone likes pasta... yes you do... shut up. olive garden has like 8 different types and its all you can eat for 8.95. as if that wasnt enough to get you hot and heavy they also have salad and bread sticks. let me tell you, the feeling of putting that long, warm bread stick in your mouth is a feeling like no other...

we had a large party so we made it easy and all ordered the never ending pasta thing. the pasta was very good and pretty much the best thing ever. our waitress was stressed to the max and we didnt help... we asked for all kinds of weird shit like vinegar and oil.... more salad... a song and dance number... a golden eagle... and another fork. 

one waiter that gave us water was obviously high. in fact, he spilled water all over the place and into the pasta my friend was eating. he then proceeded to get naked and run around the restaurant yelling about how we were eating people. 

in general, the meal was good. everyone was happy...

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