Monday, October 01, 2012

Tea Station

are you a bitch? sure you are! thats why you think it's a good idea to go to tea station. this place makes me want to expose myself to many types of dangerous and mysterious diseases in hopes that it will end my life so i dont have to eat here. 

first of all... this place isnt even a station, its a restaurant. not a train or bus in sight. the place feels like a cheap plastic toy. they have little tea pots (neither short nor stout) that have price tags on them up to like $200. really? you really think someone will pay $200 for a shitty little clay teapot? obviously they do because the food here is expensive and greatly lacking substance. i ordered chicken... i think. i pointed to the picture because the waitress didnt speak english. im fine with that... but they gotta know what chicken is. i got meat... on rice... with what seemed to be mushrooms. point is, it sucked ass. 

imagine being a dolphin... youre out in the ocean doing your thing... evil dolphin stuff... ok? then one day you get hung up on something. its a net... oh noes! so you react... *thrash to the left* *thrash to the right* *get mad* *break shit* *RAGE* you eventually except your fate as part of a tuna salad... sad day! 

thats what eating at tea station is like. no matter how hard you try to like it, it gives you a reason to hate it. wontons? i fucking LOVE wontons! the ones at tea station taste like crusty skin deep fried in toilet water. i swear i could produce better food if someone cut off all my arms and legs, stabbed me, then lit me on fire. 

stay away from this place...

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