Monday, October 01, 2012


yo dawg... you want some cactus action? sharp ass plants you cant touch or put near kids? shit... count me it! california cactus center has it going on!

this place has cactus. they are all spiky and green. some are in pots... i wasnt paying attention. they say cactus makes a great gift. being on the receiving end of many gifts in my lifetime... birthdays, christmas, kwanzaa... i can tell you right now, i would punch you in the face if you gave me a cactus. seriously... are you that big of an ass? hey dude... i got you this cactus. its low maintenance like your sister. wtf? yeah, thanks for this prickly piece of shit that no one can touch for fear of injury. let me just put this in the window for everyone to admire. they will complement me on the thorns and quality of potting gravel. 

driving by this place you would think that it is an abandoned lot. imagine the apocalypse happening in a 200x200 square on rosemead blvd. the best thing at the cactus center is the del taco next door. i recommend the #1. 

in general, cactus is something you keep to yourself. it isnt a gift... its barely even a plant. 

3 stars because del taco is nearby...

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