Monday, October 01, 2012


sup fools! i needed to get some bling bling for my grill and some other sparkly shit... so i got my homies and peeps and went down to tiffanys....

now dawg, this place aint for posers, no no... this place is for true ballers. the people are freakin legit! as soon as we walked through the door with our roca wear and fubu clothing they knew we were real. they came over and immediately felt our clothing all over while we stood with our arms against the wall. they could barely get over how nice it was.

so i take out my gold toof and im like... HOLLA! i want some diamonds bitch! the bitch ass from behind the counter gets me some ice and i start putting them in my mouth. i found the perfect one almost immediately. it sparkled like a glock in the moonlight.  

dis place is fo real! im gettin all my bling bling at tiffanys!

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